Saturday, 28 March 2009

What I Learned at Work

The job for the day was pulling down a lath and plaster ceiling, screwing plasterboards up and skiming.

Done that before a few time so you might not think there would be anything more to learn.

First up there were a few confirmations which is always pleasing because you know you're on the right track.

1. I bought the materials the previous day, good idea, saves time on the day.

2. Everything is taking longer than I thought, the guy who worked with me moved to Canada; confirmed.

3.You should wear gloves when doing this because if you don't your skin drys out and cracks, also you will rip off half of one of your finger nails. Check, knew that. Now minus nail and plus split skin.

4. Got in the van to go and get lunch. Funny smell in there, it was my blow torch. The van was full of propane/butane gas. Glad you've stopped smoking. Hell yes. I don't like the idea of splattered Simon in the exploding van.

So far so good. I knew all these facinating things before. The main thing about this job is that it is really very dusty, to the point that sitting outside watching the dust billow out of the door is a common occurance.

So you sit there watching this with your dust mask on.

You MUST NOT under any circumstance sneeze.

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