Friday, 3 April 2009

Magic or the internal logic of a four year old

This is a real conversation I had with Alice in bed when she was supposed to be asleep.

S "What is it?"

A "I need some milk"

S "It's on the table next to you"

A "There is none left."

S "If you've drunk it all then that's it. Time to sleep."

A "But I didn't drink it all.

S "If there is none left you must have. that's all. Go to sleep."

A "I didn't drink it though."

S "Well you must have if there is none left it was you."

A "It was magic."

She wins. 

Signed Books

I was just over at Abercrumbles site and someone made a comment about protocol at signings. Do you bring a book, do you buy a book, that kind of thing; which is fair enough. You don't want to look like a tit. After all I can do that without the aid of a room full of people and a famous author.

I went to a signing  and asked him what the score was. 
I think the answer was "If you've got a book of mine I'll sign it. If you want to buy a book of mine I'll sign it." 
I'm sure he actually said it in a more pithy, amusing and suave way.

The really clever bit was that Joe asked "what was your favorite bit in the book" and I reckoned that it would have been where furious got his name by biting some guys nose off in a battle. He then flicked through the book and found a quote and wrote that in the front cover and signed it. Fantastic. 

So good I have asked other authors to do the same. 

Richard Morgan sold off a load of his books that were clogging up his office or some other room. Now two of my favorite books are Black Man and The Steel Remains. It's no surprise I e-mail Richard with a huge order that is a bit over the top on my part but in the end I settle on the above two books with a personal message.

Here's what I chose for Black Man

And here is what I got for The Steel Remains (US Version)

And for the extra special I love this, I got a post card to explain the 'typo'

I can remember the day I picked these books up and I was pretty pleased at the time and to get a little note in there just made my day.

I think a lot of the fun of quotes signed in the books is the going through the book in your head to find your own Eureka moment.

I am so pleased to have these books signed personally that I am showing off; at the same time I think authors appreciate the fan who wants the personal touch and will be willing to go that bit further.