Thursday, 1 May 2008

15 nano seconds of fame

I had never read a blog before about a month ago and never dreamed I would ever write one. So, what changed?

First of all I sent a text message to a radio show. (6Music, George Lamb Show)
It was on impulse. I felt like I had just asked someone out. I was slightly embarrassed but at the same time excited. The next thing I know the text us read out on the radio. Now I have an insane grin on my face and am unfeasibly pleased with myself.
I'm working on my own in a kitchen and have my name read out on the radio, and I feel like the king of the world.

Next I recently finished a book called The Blade Itself; I decided to look up the author. I find out he has a blog. I don't really know what this is about so just read. Duly done, I e-mail him for some unknown reason. (I liked the book)

OK I was a bit pissed.

Anyway he e-mailed back.

This made me smile like a loon; in my inbox is an e-mail from Joe Abercrombie.

I'm now being accused of having imaginary friends by my other half, because I text and e-mail people whom I don't actually know.


A friend who went to see a play at the Hammersmith Apollo, I think it was called 'Contains Violence'. The play takes place in the building opposite the Apollo and you sit in your seats opposite with binoculars watching.

He said, "Fantastic premise but a bit lacking in plot." However, they were one of the last in to the theatre and who should walk in behind them? Sir Ian McKellan that's who! Now he is sitting next to a peer of the realm and a great actor. He doesn't really give a shit if the play is any good (which it wasn't, apparently) because Gandalf is sitting next to them.

People who are famous aren't any different to me but they just elicit a different reaction.

The whole idea that I can talk/communicate with someone who may be a best selling author or a dj and they reply, has shifted the boundaries. We shouldn't’t to abuse that boundary.

But at the same time I would like to be able to spout shite at my leisure.

Back to the original question what's changed?

Nothing in reality, I've just tilted my head sideways.

If one person reads this then that's my 15 nano-seconds of fame.