Wednesday, 4 March 2009

This is how you're blog is seen from the outside. In pic 4 no title, in pic 3 (reader) the title seems to be there.


Elena said...

Wow, this looks SO different from what I'm seeing. What browser do you use?

The reason for some titles is that after I read your comment, I started going back and adding them after flipping that function on. Not going back earlier than the 2009 posts, though. WAY too many to do it by hand...:)

Swainson said...

Opera, I've been using it for about ten years now. Mail, feeds and web in the same app. IE drove me round the bend.

I didn't expect you to change your posts, but thank you all the same.

It's interesting, you start out thinking about how you look to yourself and get a glimpse of how others see you. A circular post if you will.

Elena said...

Huh. Still not sure why it would look so different, since there is html coding on my page (hell, i play with it every time i add a sidebar link). But all the same I'm sure the template is designed for IE as the default browser most people get with their OS and just stick with.

And yes, it is interesting to see through someone else's "eyes." :)

PS we're staying where we are, everyone thought it was a dumb idea but me. Just in case you didn't see that.