Friday, 3 April 2009

Signed Books

I was just over at Abercrumbles site and someone made a comment about protocol at signings. Do you bring a book, do you buy a book, that kind of thing; which is fair enough. You don't want to look like a tit. After all I can do that without the aid of a room full of people and a famous author.

I went to a signing  and asked him what the score was. 
I think the answer was "If you've got a book of mine I'll sign it. If you want to buy a book of mine I'll sign it." 
I'm sure he actually said it in a more pithy, amusing and suave way.

The really clever bit was that Joe asked "what was your favorite bit in the book" and I reckoned that it would have been where furious got his name by biting some guys nose off in a battle. He then flicked through the book and found a quote and wrote that in the front cover and signed it. Fantastic. 

So good I have asked other authors to do the same. 

Richard Morgan sold off a load of his books that were clogging up his office or some other room. Now two of my favorite books are Black Man and The Steel Remains. It's no surprise I e-mail Richard with a huge order that is a bit over the top on my part but in the end I settle on the above two books with a personal message.

Here's what I chose for Black Man

And here is what I got for The Steel Remains (US Version)

And for the extra special I love this, I got a post card to explain the 'typo'

I can remember the day I picked these books up and I was pretty pleased at the time and to get a little note in there just made my day.

I think a lot of the fun of quotes signed in the books is the going through the book in your head to find your own Eureka moment.

I am so pleased to have these books signed personally that I am showing off; at the same time I think authors appreciate the fan who wants the personal touch and will be willing to go that bit further.


Elena said...

i have only one signed book in my library. if i am ever on a visit to the UK long enough to get it to JA and back through the mail, i'll send one. but right now it's not worth the international shipping even though we all know (even if he didn't make the offer publicly and regularly) that he'll sign anything with his name on it.

mine is from a book signing sharon shinn did at a Con one year, and she was definitely pleased to have a fan like me. who talks about her on my blog regularly enough that she'd actually seen one or more of the entries. (grin or blush? i'm never sure... :)

but, sigh, more things for me to be jealous of you for...

Elena said...

PS congrats on the second kid! hope all goes with that.

Swainson said...

Does it have to have Joe's name on?

I suspect he will be out and about signing in June. The only problem I have with it is that I'm on holiday the week BSC comes out.

Had scans and all is well with the wee one. Thanks.

Elena said...

HA! you know, i doubt it has to have his name on it, now that you mention it.

sorry to hear you're on holiday that week. but maybe any signings/readings won't be on date but a bit later. sometimes that's how they happen here in the states...

and that is great news! much as it's fun to think of "oh, i want a boy/girl this time" or "i hope THIS one takes after mum instead of me" or whatever, i think the one thing anyone really wants is good health.